Hong Kong, January 2013, Tenio Latev, Board of Directors of Electric Mobility Services Ltd.

Tenio Latev

A fresh Start Up in Hong Kong aims to take electric mobility to Hong Kong's citizens and tourists. The brand new company plans to operate a variety of 100 Tesla Model S cars being a limousine service. The cars may be ordered by way of a smartphone app and employed for short distances within Hong Kong island and Kowloon City.

Tenio Latev

Tenio Latev: "Using a taxi cab in Hong Kong is affordable and affordable but Hong Kong Taxis operate with old 1989 Toyota cars. In peak times everyone I understand queues for taxi and waiting times may be as much as 45 minutes.. Very annoying. With this initiative we intend to bring an affordable substitute for traditional limousine service and taxi service." - Tenio Latev

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